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Seven Benefits to Shooting Clays Birds This Summer Leave a comment

Clay bird shooting has many benefits that will help you to become a better hunter by the time fall rolls around.

So this summer be sure to visit your local range and get together with your friends to have some good old fashioned fun! If you do this consistently you’ll be a better shot this fall! Add some Winchester AA Ammunition and break some clays!

Seven Benefits to Shooting Clays Birds This Summer

7.) Master the follow through. Swinging through your shot may sound easy, but it’s harder than you might think. While aiming at a moving target, your body will naturally want to stop the swing while pulling the trigger resulting in a miss. Shooting clay birds will help you learn to lead your target and continue the swing while executing the shot.

6.) Increase your hunting success. Shooting trap, skeet or sporting clays will help you hone your skills and teach you to think about where the bird is going, rather than where the it is. Enhancing your eye muscles with trap, skeet, or sporting clays will help you to identify waterfowl quicker when they are flying through your decoys or help you to spot a big, old rooster when he bursts into the sky after a flush.

5.) Builds confidence. Being properly trained is a great way to build confidence in your shooting abilities. Some people, especially those new to the shooting sports, are often intimidated while getting used to handling their firearms. However the more time you spend practicing, the more comfortable you will feel.

4.) Learn to focus. Shooting sports require a high level of focus and will help train your eyes to better react and focus on the target as well as improve your sight picture.

3.) Builds physical discipline. This correlates with number 4 above – being a good shooter requires your muscles to react to what the brain and eyes identify. Thus, enhancing your ability to maneuver the gun, react, and move in control. Clay shooting will help you to improve your stability and coordination and enhance your reaction time.

2.) It’s a lifetime sport. Unlike many sports that individuals begin to participate in at an early age, shooting can begin at an early age and continue throughout life. Trap shooting is a sport that everyone, young and old, can enjoy and even accommodates special circumstances.

1.) It’s super fun! This is a sport that the entire family can enjoy and you can also shoot by yourself without assistance from others! This is a great way to improve your marksmanship and to create family memories that will last a lifetime.

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