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About Us - Sales of Discount Guns and Ammo

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Who We Are

Discount Guns and Ammo is unlike any other firearms and ammo dealer on the web. We work hard to create an awesome experience for all in a clean, easy to navigate, and more importantly, exciting way! From easy searching by brand, caliber and more, to a sleek shopping experience, Discount Guns and Ammo Gun Range has everything you need, and it won’t take you forever to find it! Even better – if you do need assistance, you can speak to one of our experts at our store. We’re not just a warehouse distributor, we have a real store with real experts to help ensure you get the right product from real people. Thanks for coming to see us, and we hope to show you just how awesome it is here at Discount Guns and Ammo Gun Range.

Our Pride

With Discount Guns and Ammo Gun Range, get behind the trigger of the most legendary rifles, handguns and shotguns, and ammunition supplies to load these firearms at the most affordable prices possible. Choose from one of the largest selections of firearms anywhere and blast away at life-size targets in our Utah gun range! No need to pay for overpriced photos here, we encourage you to take all the pictures ad videos you can (we’ll help!) to post to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, your grandma’s refrigerator – wherever! You can also bring home your targets and other prized souvenirs to show your shooting to your envious friends back home.

Our Services

  • Sales of Ammunitions (All Major Calibers) in Bulk and at discount prices.
  • Sales of Firearms ( Handgun, Rifles and Shotgun) still an Great Discounts.
  • Shooting Range (for all your shooting practice).
  • Expert advice on anything related to firearms.
  • Occasional Seminars and Webinars.
  • And Other Services (which keeps coming in daily).

What Kind of Shooter are You?

Shooting Enthusiast

professional and expert

Do you live and breathe firearms? Is shooting more than just a hobby – it’s your lifestyle? You’re in luck, because we’ve got all things firearms right here and ready for you!

Female Shooter

supplies that suits your needs

Whether you are a CCW holding soccer mom, a tactial diva, an honored veteran or first responder, we have everything to meet your specific needs.

Personal Protection

personal protection supplies

Whether you choose concealed or open carry, we have all the best gear to help you ensure safe and easy access to your firearm of the need arises.

First Time Buyer

shooting range utah

There’s a lot that goes in to buying a firearm for the first time, and we want to help ensure that you choose the right firearm for your needs.