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Aguila 22lr Ammunition Quiet Colibri 500 – 1000 Rds


Aguila 22lr Ammunition Quiet Colibri makes a good assortment of rimfire loads, and they are all portrayed very well. Furthermore, I tested all standard- and high-velocity offerings for operation with a Smith & Wesson M&P15-22 semi-auto with zero malfunctions. Shooters expend a lot of rimfire ammo, and my message to you is not to ignore Aguila.

  • Caliber: 22 Long Rifle
  • Bullet Weight: 20 Grains
  • Bullet Style: Solid Point


Aguila 22lr Ammunition Quiet Colibri

Aguila 22lr Ammunition Quiet Colibri has been churning out ammunition to suit the needs of hunters, law enforcement, sport shooters, and the military since 1961. I recently got my hands on a few specialty cartridges they produce. But those rounds were the .22 Colibri and the 12-gauge Mini shell slug. Be Prepared. Learn The Most suitable Ways To Hide Your Guns.

With the Aguila 22lr ammunition, you will not be doing any big game hunting. But it is more suitable for small game animals at short distances. With a bit of 20-grain bullet weight exiting the barrel at just 420 feet per second, it doesn’t take a physics degree to realize the limitations of this shot.

The Colibri is also perfect for introducing children to shooting sports. Although a standard .22 is recoilless, if you have a little one who is a little freaked out by a gunshot, the Colibri can be an excellent round to use. Another Aguila cartridge I could procure was the Aguila 12-gauge Mini shell slug. Buy Aguila 22lr Ammunition Quiet Colibri 500 – 1000 Rds online.

So, .22 Long Rifle, Aguila super Colibri 22lr ammunition, 20 Grain Lead Round Nose Bullet, 500 Round Brick. Aguila Super Colibri is super quiet ammunition that contains no gunpowder but fires only with the force of the primer. Powerful and quiet, ideal for use in urban areas.


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