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Norma Precision Ammo Relocates to Georgia 1

Norma has announced plans for a major U.S. investment, relocating their stateside operations to a new Georgia-based facility.

Norma Precision Ammo Relocates to Georgia
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Norma Precision Ammunition, a subsidiary of the leading European ammunition manufacturer RUAG Ammotec, has established its U.S. headquarters, manufacturing site, and warehousing and distribution operations in Chatham County, GA.

“With their facilities in close proximity to the Port of Savannah – the top port for U.S. exports – and our highly-skilled pool of talent, I’m confident that RUAG Ammotec will be very pleased with their decision to invest in the Peach State,” said Georgia Governor Brian Kemp. “I’m grateful to Norma Precision Ammunition for their job-stimulating investments, and I look forward to seeing the opportunities this creates for hardworking Georgians in the region.”

“We are pleased to announce the official relocation of Norma Precision Ammunition to the Georgia Lowcountry,” said Paul Lemke, President of Norma Precision Ammunition. “The Savannah area offers a significant opportunity to expand our small arms ammunition manufacturing and distribution operations to meet growing customer demand and to better serve our partners in the small arms industry, while providing unmatched access to the world-class Port of Savannah.”

With operations in 12 different countries, Swiss-based RUAG Ammotec develops and produces high-end ammunition for sport shooters, special operations forces, and peace officers worldwide, serving key markets in the military, law enforcement, hunting, and sporting goods sectors. In 2021, Norma Precision Ammunition imported over 400 containers of ammunition from RUAG Ammotec factories in Europe, while also delivering over 30 million cartridges of ammunition made in the United States.

Norma Precision Ammo Relocates to Georgia
(Image courtesy of Norma Precision AB)

“Norma Precision Ammunition has been manufacturing in the United States for over 10 years as RUAG USA. The past four years have been remarkable years of steady growth. With this relocation, expansion and focus on the Norma Ammunition brand, we will continue to grow while better serving our customers and industry partners in the United States and abroad,” said Christoph Eisenhardt, President and CEO of RUAG Ammotec. “I am pleased with all that Georgia has to offer our company. I am confident that with our relocation, we have chosen the right community to partner with to ensure mutual long-term success.”

The Norma Precision Ammunition team provides world-class small arms ammunition for use by sports shooters, hunters, law enforcers, and warfighters in the U.S. and abroad. Their increasing investment stateside is a promising signal for American shooting and sporting communities.

For more information about Norma Precision Ammunition, the company’s products, and career opportunities, visit NormaShooting.com.

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