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Find Some Fun Plinking in the Spring Leave a comment

Spring is here – well, at least close to it. One of the absolute most favorite things of mine to do in the spring is to grab a BB gun or .22 pistol or rifle and do some plinking in one of our back fields at the farm.

It’s super-cheap, super-fun and gets me primed once again for hunting seasons to come! 

Find Some Fun Plinking in the Spring

Well, look no further…grab some old aluminum cans and get outside to do some plinking!

Plinking is an informal shooting session using various targets and also a great American pastime! It is also a fun and easy way to introduce new shooters to firearms while also improving your own shooting skills!

Personally, I prefer using a .22 when plinking (and BB guns are super fun, too) as it is an inexpensive way to get a ton of shooting and repetition in.

Plinking Wildcat Ammo

Types of Targets

There are many things you can use as a target during plinking sessions. My personal favorites are objects that make a noise or splatter when hit! Objects like balloons, fruit, plastic bottles and/or aluminum cans filled with water are some of my favorites. This gives an audible and visual reward when hitting the target which makes it more exciting than if you were to only shoot paper.

Practice Makes Better

Plinking .22

Plinking is loads of fun. However, it is important to remember to practice good shooting habits while always putting safety first. When with new shooters, use plinking as a way to teach them about the basics of gun safety. This should include following four rules of firearm safety:

1.) Assume every gun is loaded

2.) Maintain safe control of the muzzle

3.) Keep the trigger finger off the trigger until ready to shoot

4.) Awareness of the target and the areas beyond it

Lastly, if you are new to firearms beginning with a .22 or BB gun is a great way to gain competence and confidence. If you would like more information on Winchester events or promotions follow Winchester’s social media channels!

Be safe, stay healthy and always keep a firearm stored properly when not in use.

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